Dear Family, Dear Au-pair,

my name is Katarina Knoche and I am the manager of the Au-pair-Agency Alliance. I want to introduce myself.

I come from Slovakia but I have lived and worked in Germany for several years. I have had many au-pair experiences which I gained in England, in Switzerland and in Germany. During my au-pair-stay abroad I have found many new friends, I have had the opportunity to experience new cultures and different customs and ways of life. My English and German language skills have improved a lot. I would recommend an Au-pair-stay abroad to every young person.

I studied at the J.-W. Goethe-Universität in Franfurt am Main Dipl. Pedagogics. During my studies I have developed my theoretical and practical knowledge and have learned about children, their behaviour and upbringing, as well as about families and migrant work. I want to pass on all of my au-pair and my study experiences.

Our agency will help to find a suitable family for young people from all over the word who are interested in coming to Germany as an au-pair. Many of our applicants come from Eastern Europe. I come from an Eastern European state also, so I know and understand the mentality and the issues that face the young people who come from there. I am able to speak with the au-pairs in their mother language which reduces possible misunderstandings.

Conversation is possible in the following languages: Slovak, Czech, English, Russian and Polish.

The application for all our au-pairs is FREE !

Our agency has competent people working for the company in Slovakia, Moldova and in Nepal. Through their and my choice and control of the au-pairs, we contribute to a successful au-pair-stay.

Our aims:

Our offers:

We attach great importance to the satisfaction of our clients. Host-families and au-pairs must suit one another. Our aim is that the host-family is satisfied with her au-pair and the au pair with her host-family.

We look forward to working with you!